Highly accurate, Universal Analemmic Equatorial Sundials





Analemmic Gnomon

New Millennium Sundial Analemmic Gnomon

      New Millennium sundials use this carefully designed analemmic gnomon to accurately indicate clock time and date, equinoxes, solstices, and the annual and daily paths of the sun in the sky!

      The gnomon (pronounced no-mon) is the shadow-casting front-piece of a sundial. The tall 'figure-8' shape inside is an analemma. The analemma shape describes both the daily elevation of the sun above the equator, and the difference between solar time and clock time, throughout the year.

      The months and days of the year, equinoxes and solstices are precisely etched around the analemma. The inside edges of the analemma cutouts cast the time-telling shadow onto the timeline below.

      Instructions on the gnomon plate invite the user to:

      1. Tilt this plate to directly face the sun, casting the widest possible shadow.
      2. Read the exact time where the figure-8’s shadow touches the timeline on the dial ‘arms’ below.
      3. Run your finger above the edge of this figure-8 cutout. When your finger’s shadow touches the timeline below, then the edge of your finger is directly over today’s date.”

      Following these directions, the viewer can often determine the time to within seconds and the date to the day!